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14 Bridal Hairstyles That Are Trends In 2017

Getting married is a wonderful experience, full of important decisions, not only the preparations for the party and the ceremony must be perfect, the bride to be the protagonist must be very beautiful. One of the most important elements of their appearance is the hair, so this article shows the bridal hairstyles that are trends in 2017.

1. Beautiful collection decorated with flowers

Bridal hairstyles decorated with flowersThis bridal hairstyle is perfect for light dresses, with moderate necklines. It can be used in outdoor weddings, with many groves nearby. The flowers used to decorate can be the same or very similar to those arranged for the bouquet.

2. Unkempt hairstyle for a modern bride

Unkempt wedding hairstyle for a modern brideDisheveled hairstyles always cause a great feeling, in addition to they look very modern. You can decorate with some accessories in white, beige or champagne colors that match the dress.

3. Collection with vintage waves

vintage waves bride hairstylesThe vintage style has been in vogue for several seasons, and is still one of the strongest trends of 2017. A collection with waves widely used in hairstyles of this style is ideal for a wedding.

4. Crown of braids for the veil

Crown of braids for the veilFor those brides who want a more traditional hairstyle, this is an ideal hairstyle. It can be decorated with the veil corresponding to the dress or any diadem.

5. Pick up low to one side

Pick up low to one side bridal hairstylesAnother bridal hairstyle considered classic, it is a low collectible decorated with simple flower accessories, however, putting it a little aside helps to give it a much more modern and original style, especially in backless dresses.

6. Benders with curls and diadems

Benders with curls and diademsCurlers are a fundamental part of almost all wedding hairstyles, picking them all in a low bow decorated with flower headbands and leaves made with gems is perfect for any dress that you want to wear on such a special occasion.

7. Bridal hairstyles with lace and lace

Bridal hairstyles with laceLow hairstyles with loops are usually the first choice for brides, however you can decorate by placing around them a little lace equal to that used in the dress.

8. Maxi braid

maxi braid hairstylesBraids are another cliché of weddings; one way to follow this trend is to make a maxi braid that completely covers the whole back. You can decorate with some accessories that fit well with the rest of the elements used that day.

9. Low collection with vintage waves

loose waves low ponytail bride hairstylesA very cute and original hairstyle for a wedding is to make some loose waves on the top of the hair, and then perform a low ponytail. It looks good with dresses with heart neckline as it gives an air to princess of fairy tales.

10. Loose hair with curlers and flowers

Loose hair with curlers and flowersTo leave the hair loose but with many curls and some flowers decorating one side of the head is a simple but very cute hairstyle for a bride. It may be ideal for a wedding on the beach or for simpler civil ceremonies.

11. Hairstyle with curls and flowers to one side

Hairstyle with curls and flowers to one sideAnother hairstyle that can be used in a little more informal party is to perform a typical collection of loops on one side of the head, leaving some hair loose and decorate it with light colored flowers.

12. Fairy Braid with Flowers

Fairy Braid with FlowersMany wedding celebrations are held outdoors, with light dresses that give a mystical aura, this hairstyle is ideal for those occasions as it gives a very mythological impression. It can be decorated with natural flowers to increase this feeling.

13. Retro hairstyle with flowers

Retro hairstyle with flowersIt is a hair style very 40"s style, where all girls wanted to be always presentable and elegant. Decorated with some small flowers can look even more sophisticated and perfect for a wedding.

14. Braids and flowers crest

Braids and flowers crestThis is an ideal hairstyle for modern and daring girls, can be worn with any dress, but is especially well with those without blankets and high necks.

These are some of the most popular and trendiest bridal hairstyles; they can also be a good choice for wedding guests.
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5 Benefits of Using Glycerin Soap for Your Skin

In the world of personal hygiene, glycerin soaps are an extraordinary tool for your skin. They moisturize, nourish and protect against the harmful soaps industrially saponified. Want to know what are some of the benefits your skin receives from using glycerin soaps? In this article, we will show you 5 of them.Glycerin Soap

Uses of glycerin soap

Soaps vary greatly depending on their ingredients and processing procedures. For example, some soaps cause your skin to dry quickly, (in some cases they are necessary), other soaps become very moisturizing so that certain properties of the soap you use will benefit or harm you depending on the type of skin you have. In contrast, glycerin soap is considered to be one of the best soaps for the face.

You can even use glycerin soap for hair. The unique composition of essential oils in this type of soap, allows it to be very moisturizing and effective for all skins. You can also get homemade glycerin soap, thus guaranteeing its naturalness. There are many benefits of using glycerin soap for your skin. Let"s look at some:

1. Glycerin Soap Eliminates Acne

Glycerin Soap for skinThanks to its neutral pH, glycerin soap is a great help in eliminating acne. They help you maintain the correct level of acidity in the skin and therefore the allergic or infectious reactions of blackheads will not generate a volume of decomposed cells, better known as acne.

2. Ideal for sensitive skin

Since glycerin soaps can be totally natural, they are especially beneficial for people who have sensitive skin. Synthetic ingredients can create complications in your skin. Thanks to the goodness of Glycerin Soap, you can use it even on the most sensitive skins, including those of babies. This soap can even be used to treat skin problems; Such as eczema or psoriasis. Glycerin soaps do not irritate the skin or create negative reactions as normal soap does.

3. Hydrate your skin

It is thought that glycerin is a moisturizer by nature, so this soap gives your skin a constant hydration, promoting the oxygenation necessary for the development of new capillary cells. Unlike some common soaps, which only dehydrate and dry your skin, glycerin soaps keep you feeling more hydrated for much longer after using them. Using glycerin soap on a regular basis can help make your skin smoother.

4. Promotes Healthy Skin

Glycerin Soap for healthy skinBy keeping your skin well moisturized, you create the foundation for healthy skin. The fully hydrated and healthy skin can prevent the development of wrinkles and stretch marks in it. Although glycerin is a good soap to cleanse the entire body, this can offer you additional benefits. The use of a common soap dries the skin of your face, therefore, the skin tries to compensate for this dryness by secreting extra oil, which usually clogs the hair pores and brings serious problems to your skin. In contrast, glycerin soap can help you reduce acne when used as a routine for washing your face.

5. Eczema and psoriasis

Because glycerin soap does not contain aggressive chemicals, it is a great choice for people with skin problems such as eczema or psoriasis. However, make sure you are buying the type of pure glycerin. There are some brands that contain more glycerin than others, although in their ad mentions that they are pure, that is why it is important to always read the labels.

We invite you to try this excellent soap and enjoy the wonderful changes that this can bring to your skin. Say goodbye to parch and acne-ridden skin with glycerin soap.
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10 Simple Tips of Decoration Nordic Style For 2017

The Scandinavian style decoration is also known as the Scandinavian style and is characterized by a light and simple decoration with light wood accents and a combination of elements such as stone and metal and natural materials such as wool and leather. The choice of colors is based on the natural tones with a great protagonist. And the white color, enriched by force colors likes orange, green and blue.Decoration Nordic style Minimalist Living Room

Making a comprehensive summary we can define the Nordic style interiors as: luminosity, white color, light wood furniture, less is more, simplicity and warmth. Sometimes it can be mixed with vintage style or shabby chic trends, although if we want simplicity it is best to apply this style in pure fashion.

Houses Nordic style 2017

The Scandinavian interior design style has spread all over the world with great acceptance and is acclaimed in the best decorating magazines and Nordic decorating blogs. If in other seasons it was already a style of decoration that we had to keep in mind, in this is not far behind. The 2017 decor brings us the Nordic decor combined with other styles, turning homes into unique places.Nordic style small living room decor

With a focus on simplicity, minimalism and functionality, Nordic style decoration is the movement in interior design that emerged in the 1950s and is distinguished by its great merit in craftsmanship, bringing elegance and comfort to homes.

The best professionals and firms of the sector confirm the natural attraction that the elements of the Scandinavian style divulge.

We speak of houses Nordic decoration because in all rooms is simple to apply this nice decorative style, although in most cases are the Nordic-style living rooms that take the leading role.

Vintage Nordic style decoration

Vintage Nordic style decorationIf you look closely at spaces inspired by the Nordic style, we will see how furniture, accessories or accessories with a clear vintage touch, even with the appearance of having been bought in a secondhand market, are usually mixed with great success.

Industrial Nordic style decoration

Industrial Nordic style decorationOld style industrial furniture, in which iron and rough, untreated wood are combined, are very common. The pieces of old trades are much appreciated. All this is combined with classic design elements.

Complements protagonists in the decoration Nordic style

As in any type and style of decoration the imagination and creativity are fundamental to personalize our interior decoration. But if we opt for a concrete decoration style we have almost essential techniques or complements.

Small bedroom nordic style interior decor

As an example and star figure in any Nordic style dining room is the inclusion of the chairs ‘Eames Plastic Chair’.

If we want to bring freshness to a Nordic decoration is very useful the decontextualization of some pieces. We mean that it is very appropriate to destine furniture or objects to unusual uses. For example: the suitcases like decorative storage boxes or auxiliary tables ; Office lamps as night luminaires; Pallets like table or headboard…

Nordic Design Shops

Small living room Nordic style furniture ideasWe can not fail to mention Ikea. Well we all know that this firm has its roots in the Scandinavian countries and therefore, the Nordic style Ikea decoration gives us these designs in their essence. Also for your projection surely we can have some of your stores near our home with the guarantee that they offer us a catalog with cheap prices to be able to create a Nordic low cost decoration.

And as Nordic and Scandinavian design shops we have to mention Nordic think for being a benchmark in Barcelona.

In any case we have the practical option of browsing the different pages of online decoration stores to analyze, compare and even comfortably buy Nordic accessories, accessories and furniture online.

10 Tips and tricks for creating a nice Nordic interior design

We want to present you a quick guide with 10 tips and tricks to create interior design with Nordic decoration in our own houses. At the end of this article we will know exactly how to create a space with the intelligent functionality and the pleasant aesthetics of Nordic interior design. These are the essential factors to take into account.

1. Illumination in Nordic decoration

Nordic style interior lighting fixturesThe lighting is key, source of life and primordial in the decoration of Nordic and Scandinavian style. The scarcity of natural light in these countries encourages them to value and need their spaces to be brightly lit.

The interiors have several types of luminaires to achieve adequate lighting to encourage a good mood. Usually, the ideal Nordic lamp is of modern industrial style. These lamps Scandinavian style can be of several types : lamps hanging ceiling or wall sconces, the lamps living support many possibilities.

The candle light is also a must, as they add a touch of fantasy and brightness to the decoration of environments of a space, it is also a great option for low cost decoration.

2. Furniture Nordic

Nordic style dining room furnitureThe furniture Nordic style is characterized by clean and simple lines. Sofas, tables, chairs and follow the modern trends of mid-century, with rounded edges and natural tones. The Nordic d├ęcor also prides itself on its innovative and functional design.


A permanent trend in Nordic designs are the shelves and cabinets of multiple sizes, as they give great importance to the need to be knowledgeable about storage space, order and cleanliness.

As in any style you can make strong investments in decoration or decantarte to acquire cheap nordic furniture.

3. Maximize breadth and warmth

Nordic style small apartment designThe floors and walls painted white, light wood or natural color contribute to expand the visual space and invite greater light input. But the 2017 decor trends include and accent the use of Nordic style wallpaper and Nordic style rugs.

The radiant heating especially in Nordic style bathrooms, is often installed in the Nordic rooms to provide a warm and pleasant temperature under the feet.

4. Fresh flowers protagonists in houses Nordic style

Romantic Nordic style decorIt is important to have living elements of color and beauty in Scandinavian Nordic style interior design. Fresh flowers are not a luxury, they are a must, so it is so common to find florists in their streets where they sell bouquets, plants and tulips of all colors.

The visibility of plants and flowers is fundamental in the interior decoration of any style.

5. The colors of the Scandinavian design

Scandinavian living room decorThere is definitely a color palette associated with Nordic designs. Neutral colors along with white, gray, black and brown often intertwine creating a clean and relaxing look.

The interior designers with connotations Nordic have also introduced other colors such as pinks, blues and greens to create accents added to the decoration of rooms. In decoration Scandinavian Nordic style walls remain white to allow furniture, accessories, ornaments and accessories produce a great effect, it is the art of captivating.

6. Clean and tidy Nordic decoration

Clean and tidy Nordic decorationThe disorder and the massification of objects is at odds with the Nordic style decoration. One of the most authentic features in Nordic interior design is the creation of well-used and very neat spaces. Storage is carried out in cupboards and shelves and everything has its place.

The Nordic decor follows the ” less gold rule is over” while maintaining a clean and visually relaxing look.

7. Nordic style curtains

Nordic style curtainsContributing to the idea of inviting to enjoy the light as much as possible, the Nordic rooms tend to expose their windows. The curtain models, if used, are preferred for light fabrics such as curtains and linen fabrics. At night, the glow of the illuminated windows in the buildings resembles a beautiful postcard.

8. Simple ornaments and decorative complements

Simple ornaments decorative nordic home accesoriesThe Nordic decorative accessories are usually simple and straightforward. Elegant ceramic vases and other accessories that add color, texture and subtlety to a home. Some of them merely decorative and others with interesting and practical functions.

The Nordic decoration shop will have a wide catalog of:

  • Nordic style lamps

  • Nordic rugs

  • Nordic style paintings

  • Nordic sheets

And of course all kinds of Nordic furniture to decorate each and every one of the rooms of Scandinavian style houses.

9. Upholstery and warm textiles

Upholstery Scandinavian style homeIt is not surprising that most of the decoration formed by fabrics is presented with warm fabrics. We are talking about the cradle of Nordic style decoration is in very cold countries so sheep skins, wool or mohair and, of course, soft cotton are undisputed protagonists. These Nordic fabrics not only provide a feeling of warmth and comfort, but also add a relaxing layer to space.

In addition we can complement and give touches of color by placing pillows with geometric motifs such as  Nordic style cushions.

10. Wood and metallic touches

Wood and metallic touches Nordic style homeIn Nordic decoration, wood is used a lot, not only in its floor, but also in Nordic furniture such as dining tables, coffee tables, sideboards, bookstores and all kinds.

There is also a popular trend in Nordic interior design of interposing metal finishes, copper and brass, in ornaments and complements such as Nordic lamps, appliques, etc.

Following this guide can be basic to decorate spaces with Nordic design incorporating the simplicity, functionality and beauty that always brings the Scandinavian interior. But as usual in our blog decoration, we leave you pictures where we can appreciate all the details.

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Cabbage Remedies for Heartburn, Ulcers and Gastritis

Cabbage is a plant that grows in moist soils. Its leaves are wide and wrinkled and its flowers are yellow. They are rich in calories, iron, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, sodium and vitamins.cabbage juice for gastritis

It is not known exactly where it originated, but it did spread in the first place throughout the north of Europe and from there to the rest of the continent. The ancients used the cabbage only as a medicinal plant.

Great doctors of ancient Greece held it in high esteem. Chrysippus devoted a whole treatise and Pythagoras praised his virtues, while Hippocrates prescribed it to cure diarrhea and colic.

In Imperial Rome, they also took it at the end of their famous banquets to soften the effects of alcohol.

Healing properties

Due to its richness in minerals, especially iron, it possesses virtues remineralizing, antianemic and restorative. Therefore, they are widely used to combat anemia and weakness. However, cooking should be avoided in these cases, as it destroys its great richness in chlorophyll, which in the human body is transformed into hemoglobin and it is recommended that people who have these conditions take the cabbage raw or in juice.

Also, the cabbage fights diseases of the airways (asthma, hoarseness, aphonia, catarrh and lung pain) and also dissolves urinary calculi and decreases rheumatic pains.

Cabbage can drastically reduce cholesterol "bad" or LDL causes, usually hardening of the arteries over time. At least two scientific publications reported on these findings. If cabbage is included more frequently in the diet, you will have very good chances of not developing coronary heart disease.

The cab fights constipation by encouraging evacuation. According to a medical journal of 1936, for each gram of cabbage leaves administered to 3 healthy male medical students, the weight of the stool they evacuated increased by 18 grams in each.

A more recent study revealed that, when 19 male volunteers in a hospital consumed coltan powder supplements incorporated into their normal diet over a period of 3 weeks, the weight of the stool evacuated increased by 20%. This increase can be attributed to the water retention capacity of the fiber contained in the cabbage.

Similarly, raw cabbage juice is used in some regions to treat infections caused by fungi on the skin, head, hands and feet, as well as for the treatment of premenstrual syndrome or PMS due to sulphides which they contain.

Different medical publications have separately confirmed that raw cabbage and its juice are a safe method for the relief of any type of gastrointestinal ulcer, whether duodenal, peptic or otherwise.

It is used against hair loss, alcoholism and also has healing properties and healing of skin infections by attracting out toxins, perhaps due to the sulfur, mucilage and vitamins it possesses

Popular remedies

Cabbage remedy to stop hair loss and promote growth: Rub daily with the juice of cabbage or cabbage leaves.

Cabbage remedy to combat alcoholism: Extract a bottle of cabbage juice and mix with half a bottle of apple cider vinegar. Take a drink before the food until you notice its optimal results.

Cabbage remedy to restore lost voice (aphonia): Prepare a raw cabbage salad with lemon, oil and little salt, and eat three times a day over food.

Cabbage remedy against rheumatic pain: Prepare a cataplasm of cabbage. For this, the largest and green leaves of cabbage are used. Cut the central veins, and put one on top of the other by crushing them a little with a kneading roller or a bottle, so that the juice leaves them. To heat them a little they can pass over a hot iron. Apply directly on the affected area for 2 to 4 hours. In severe cases, repeat the operation two or three times a day. The poultice of the night can be maintained until the following morning and it is held by bands of cotton.

Cabbage remedy for acne and dermatitis:  Place several cabbage leaves in a blender and the juice obtained is taken a glass during the day. It can be mixed with carrot juice to mitigate the strong flavor.

Cabbage remedy for grains, abscesses and boils: Apply a plaster of cabbage leaves axes on the affected area to facilitate their maturation.

Cabbage remedy for acidity and stomach ulcers: Get 1/2 cup of raw cabbage juice and take in the morning and at night. This remedy is a great natural antacid and helps to heal ulcers.

Cabbage remedy for constipation: Ingest twice a week about 5 cups of chopped cabbage, raw or cooked

Cabbage remedy for lollipops, lollipops or suggestion: Crush leaves of fresh cabbage (you can also use cauliflower, mustard, broccoli, arugula, Chinese cabbage, kale, kale if you do not have cabbage or cabbage on hand). Soak a cotton ball with the juice that was obtained by crushing and passing through the affected area. Repeat this remedy several times a day.

Cabbage remedy to heal wounds: Crush, with a roller or bottle, a couple of raw cabbage leaves and mix with bran. Apply, as a poultice, on the wounds that are wished to heal quickly.

You may be interested in how cabbage prevents cancer

Cabbage remedy for varicose veins: Crush, with a roller or bottle, a couple of raw cabbage leaves Apply to capstone mode on the affected areas and let stand for 15 minutes.

Cabbage remedy for thyroid nodules: Wash several cabbage or cabbage leaves and heat. Apply directly on the lump of the nodule and leave there until cool. Perform this remedy several times a day.


Healthy Recipes with Cabbage

Healthy recipe with cabbage # 1: Cabbage salad with yogurt
1 ½ cups unflavored yogurt
6 ½ tablespoons brown sugar
1 tablespoon pure maple syrup
3 ½ tablespoons apple cider vinegar
3/4 cup Olive
1/3 teaspoon of each of the following spices: garlic powder, onion, mustard and celery
1 pinch kelp or kelp seaweed
1 ½ tablespoon lemon juice
3/4 cup light cream
1/2 teaspoon Of salt
1 head of green cabbage and another of cabbage purple chopped very finely.

Mix together the yogurt, the sugar, the syrup and the oil. Add powdered spices, kelp seaweed, lemon juice, cream and salt. Stir until soft dough is obtained and pour over coleslaw, placed in a large bowl, until well soaked.

If you wish, you can add half the dressing to the salad and save the rest to season fruit or other salads. Keep it in a closed container in the refrigerator. It can be preserved for almost a week. Enough for about ¼ gallon of dressing.

Healthy Recipe with cabbage # 2: Cabbage salad with carrots
1/2 regular size cabbage
3 carrots
1 small onion
1 apple
1 tablespoon sugar
4 raisins
Lemon juice
Mustard American
Salt and pepper

Wash the cabbage very well and cut it into thin strips just like the carrots, the apple and the onion. Once peeled, they should be placed in a container and squeezed the juice of half a lemon. Mix well and leave


Fresh cabbage has loose outer leaves surrounding a firmer central bud. The conserved cabbage lacks the outer leaves and tends to have a paler color. Cabbage is stored for up to two weeks in a plastic bag in the refrigerator. Before using, wash and cut into pieces or strips.

To make juices Wash and cut into pieces, leaving both the outer dark green leaves and the inside of the bud intact. Brussels sprouts are dumped into the blender. About 500 g of cabbage (approximately 73 pieces) produce around a bowl (250 ml) of juice. To beat: Cut into pieces or chop fresh or frozen cabbage to use in smoothies.


Until now, allergy to crucifers in general is very rare, but it can occur along with allergies to other vegetables and pollens, and is said to be on the rise. In 2009 Greek researchers discovered that IgE allergy is related to raw cabbage but not to cooking.
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2017 Trends and Ideas For Rustic Gardens

The rustic gardens continue to mark a trend in outdoor decor not only for those who are nature lovers and this decorative style, but also for those who even knowing that there are many decorative ways that can be inspired to create your own garden, choose a rustic garden.Rustic country garden design

The rustic style refers to the field and outdoors, that means that the space will show designs of gardens in which simplicity in the materials used: wood, stones, plants…

The rustic country gardens focus on the exhibition of the various elements presenting in a naive and natural way, creating a comfortable, relaxing and appealing environment in both hot and less hot seasons.

Create rustic country gardens

Making a rustic garden can be simple as it admits restored elements, old garden ornaments and objects that can be found in villages and fields. But if we want to buy garden accessories simply and conveniently, we can do it online through different stores, for example Amazon.

A garden decoration enhanced by the use of natural materials will be the first condition to follow to obtain in the garden a reference of rustic idea. In general terms, all the rustic gardens need us to follow some concrete steps to which we will give our personalized style, like the ones indicated below:Rustic garden small backyard design

A very nice way to form a perfect image in our outdoor decoration is to make a stone path, which is very natural and a key way to compose the landscape of the rustic garden.

Placing strategically worn wooden planks that mark the path, will bring the desired vintage image in the decoration of gardens. These planks can be obtained in many ways so that they can even be free or very cheap. That way we can talk about a low cost decoration.

Depending on our own style and decoration options, we can combine the wooden boards with sand, stones, plants, flowers and shrubs, thus creating a personal composition in the garden decoration with a visual effect very pleasant for its simplicity.

The decoration of rustic gardens also allows the inclusion of natural or artificial water, such as a waterfall or fountain; Some even dare to create a small lake to complement the landscape.

In the case of decorating feng shui gardens or zen gardens would be bound.

With regard to the rest area, we will need to create a shady place where we will place the garden furniture chosen for our meetings or leisure time.

Rustic gardens decor step by step

We want to make a small guide on how to build rustic gardens based on simplicity and a moderate expense.

The economic exterior decoration needs the maximum creativity and projects that inspire cozy and comfortable environments.rustic garden baskets

We can not forget that it is outer space of many houses is limited to yards or small gardens, so it is necessary a good planning to achieve our greatest goal: a place that will welcome us.

Perhaps the biggest difficulties we can find to complete a complete  decoration of gardens can be the necessary economic investment, as these projects are usually quite expensive and the limitation of available space, so we want to focus on:

  • Simple rustic gardens

  • Small rustic gardens

  • And the best thing to have a good perception of what we want to transmit is to place in this article several  rustic gardens pictures and photos of different examples.

Decorating Ideas in Modern Gardens

We usually understand the gardens with plants and flowers so, first we must try and fertilize the soil and then choose the plants according to the size of the garden and the place where we want to place them. We will always remember that we must combine the plants for garden with the open spaces and the garden furniture by which we opt.

Once realized the project is very advisable to put it in a plane where we will be adding the different elements that we wish to incorporate:

1. Garden stones

garden stonesThe use of stones are generally included in all gardens, whatever their size or type, we can consider almost indispensable.

2. Garden Paths

garden paths

Roads will bring serenity, tranquility and relax to the environment in the decoration of gardens. We can pose them with the placement of stones, woods, shrubs, pots, etc.

3. Sculptural garden plants

Sculptural garden plants

Perhaps they are more appropriate for large garden decoration, but if we have the whim we can reserve some corner to be able to capture our creativity.

4. Artificial lake

Artificial lake for garden

Water is a very enriching element in any outdoor decoration. We can create a place to place an artificial mini lake even with running water or place fountains for garden.

5. Garden lighting

Garden lighting

Although during the summer we will enjoy natural light for many hours of the day, we can not forget that the evening evenings in the garden have a special charm so we need to place different spots of artificial light. A great option, besides economic, are solar lamps or led lamps. And we want to make a special mention in the light of the candles.

6. Garden furniture

Wooden furniture for rustic garden ideas

The variety in models, designs, prices and types of garden furniture is immense but each of us will select the most appropriate.

7. Awnings, umbrellas and garden pergolas

Garden pergola

It is important to give the attention it deserves to this subject, for we must preserve ourselves from the force of the rays of the sun or the wind. In addition they bring intimacy and warmth to the decoration of environments.

8. Garden barbecues

Garden barbecues

Usually leisure time and meetings are accompanied by food and drink so it is a good idea in outdoor decoration considers the installation of a barbecue to facilitate the preparation of food.

All these steps are appropriate to get a good decoration in our garden, the style will be marked by the different models and types of elements that we choose. To get gardens of rustic style we will only acquire and adapt objects of rustic decoration that mark this style.


Rustic garden decoration; Simple and cheap objects

As always we say the decoration does not have to be expensive. The low cost decoration of rustic gardens is ideal to help create pleasant, harmonious and above all comfortable environments.

Small rustic garden ideas

The recycled furniture and the creations made by ourselves fall very well in the rustic gardens so that they look perfect. The garden furniture pallets have become a very important gap.

Antique wooden stools, wicker baskets, restored latticework, wheelbarrows, staircases, antique objects, discarded instruments, bicycles or even plastic wheels or drums can be protagonists in garden design.

We will only need imagination, creativity and follow simple guidelines to transform that object discarded in important part in the decoration of gardens.

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